KIPP dc college prep school

Washington, DC

Adjacent to Gallaudet University and the planned development at the Florida Market/Union Market, the new KIPP DC College Prep School serves approximately 850 students on an 8.5 acre site.  

The architecture, by STUDIOS Architecture, sits at the high point of the site.  Site amenities include an entry courtyard with seating overlooking the site, a green roof, amphitheater seating, a new sports field, and integrated stormwater management.

A refined palette of native trees and ornamental grasses was utilized to keep the site low maintenance, while creating a sense-of-place for the campus.  Stormwater from the parking lots is directed to a central stormwater spine.  A large stormwater basin at the back of the site functions as a sponge for all site stormwater, allowing water to infiltrate amongst native plantings.

The site is located on Brentwood Parkway and is connected to the city's transit via the Gallaudet/NOMA metro stop.

Nicholas was a Landscape Designer on the KIPP DC College Prep School while at Land Collective.