Indianapolis, IN

The Campus just celebrated its Grand Opening on January 5th, 2017!

Cummins Global Distribution Headquarters is a 5 acre corporate campus in the heart of Downtown Indianapolis.  A former parking lot has been transformed into a 21st Century corporate environment providing spaces for collaboration in the landscape and an oasis for the residents of Indianapolis, as the campus doubles as an urban park.  

The design process was highly influenced by the goals of the client with monthly meetings shaping the final design.  A central plaza is embraced by tiered seat walls, spaces for respite are situated adjacent to the stormwater dell, and a collaborative work environment is nestled within the glade and features catenary lights and a technology table.  A native meadow creates a placeholder within the site for future development.  The second story green roof next to the terrace lifts the plaza onto the architecture providing a private green space for users.  On the roof of the garage is the second largest green roof in Indianapolis, creating a visually stunning tapestry for employees to view throughout the seasons.  Cummins' forward-thinking mentality is showcased in the harvesting of all site stormwater for irrigation purposes.

The campus intertwines with the downtown community, while clearly articulating a cohesive corporate campus.  The site is adjacent to the existing City-County Building and Cultural Trail.  Multiple pathways draw users into the site and direct them toward the primary entrances.  The calibrated facade by Deborah Berke Partners  is echoed in the complex paving pattern that defines the entire site.  Three swaths of plantings are curated to display seasonality and threshold within the site.  The black locust elements (benches, the technology table, setts, and boardwalks over the rain gardens) offer a sustainable material palette for multiple site elements.

The following link provides a digital rendering of the architecture and new corporate campus: Cummins Indy Distribution Headquarters

In collaboration with Deborah Berke PartnersRATIO ArchitectureCEC, and One Lux Studio.

Nicholas was a Landscape Designer and CAD Manager for Cummins Global Distribution Headquarters while at Land Collective.