Nicholas Forari Denney is the Design Manager for Landscape Architecture at Dart Enterprises Contracting Company DECCO Ltd. in the Cayman Islands, whose completed works include Pennovation Works in Philadelphia, Cummins Green in Indianapolis, several transit-oriented infrastructure enhancements in the Cayman Islands, and a progressive playground in Germany.  His work in the urban realm has focused on creating holistic designs that display a horticultural richness, creating a unique sense-of-place throughout the seasons.  Nicholas' aesthetic is imbued with a refined playfulness acquired from caring for children for 15 years.

In addition to landscape architecture, Nicholas' work has been influenced by 10 years of photography.  Starting in sports photography and weddings, Nicholas now uses his work in this field as a lens to understanding form in the landscape and urban realm.

(I'm also a major plant nerd!)

"Erigeron philadelphicus" 2016

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